EKOINSPEKT, a Turkish certification body established in 2010, provides certification services to more than 1400 clients in Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. EKOINSPEKT certifies against a variety of standards such as ITU (Turkish GAP system), GLOBAL G.A.P., Turkish Organic Legislation, UTZ and Sedex. EKOINSPEKT plans to further expand its scope within the existing certification schemes. EKOINSPEKT is headquartered in Adana, Turkey, but also has offices in Izmir, Turkey, Cairo, Egypt, Teheran, Iran, and Odessa, Ukraine and employs 46 staff. Due to EKOINSPEKT’s growth in the last years to now performing more than 2000 audits each year and issuing nearly the same amount of certificates, there is a large amount of client and certification data that needs to be managed. 

EKOINSPEKT started to use Ecert Basic in the beginning of 2018.  The certifier expects to be able to increase the consistency of their audit and certification work based on the improved ability to analyze certification data. Additionally, the certification process will be more efficient due to the time savings in audit reporting and certification work. EKOINSPEKT furthermore expects that the satisfaction level of both staff and clients will increase due to this professionalization and the improved service quality due to Ecert Basic use.



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