Benefits of Ecert Basic

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  • significantly decreased risk of compliance problems before, during and after accreditation
  • structured and predefined workflows stabilise your certification management
  • digitalisation prevents data loss
  • data safety is secured with ISO-certified Austrian hosting
  • only registered users have access to the system and its data
  • data visibility and accessibility according to defined user rights and roles
  • systematic monitoring of deviations and corrective measures
  • efficient prevention of conflicts of interest among inspectors

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  • the web-based tool requires no installation and is globally accessible
  • the offline tool "On-Site" allows working remotely without internet access
  • all relevant data is easily available online in one secure platform
  • error-prone, intricate Excel-files and paper-based documentation are a thing of the past
  • easy data analysis, reporting and sharing
  • multilingual, flexible interface, e.g. in EN, ES, DE, FR, PT,...
  • option to create individual checklists
  • checklists can be automatically updated according to applied standards
  • efficient planning of inspection visits including integration of Google Maps
  • automated email and reminder functions
  • integrated tool "transaction deliveries"

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  • process optimisation across the organisation
  • increased likelihood of a successful accreditation
  • speeding up of administration processes
  • enhanced communication within operators and accreditation bodies
  • demonstration of proficiency fosters competitiveness and attracts new clients
  • option to increase visibility and exposure by uploading data into Check Organic, the global organic integrity platform

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  • software is based on the Intact-Platform, the worldwide leading ERP solution for audit and certification and management
  • the tool was developed to address the specific needs of small and local certification bodies
  • our consultancy draws on more than 30 years of industry experience
  • demonstration of proficiency and integrity: playing at the same level as large, global certification bodies

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