Why do we need a tool for small and local certifiers?


Certification and accreditation bodies worldwide are responsible for maintaining the integrity of standards such as EU- and NOP-organic, ISO, HACCP and others. Their main task is to check farmers’, processors’ and traders’ compliance with these standards on a regular basis. Unbiased and conscientious inspection, certification and accreditation processes involve a tremendous effort in collecting, administering and processing quality-related data.

Where globally operating certification bodies have the resources to afford high-end software and specialized staff to deal with these challenges, smaller, local entities often struggle. For them to successfully stand their ground against the big players, easy-to-use, efficient and affordable data and workflow tools are crucial.

Why do we care about small and local certifiers?


We from Organic Services have been busy shaping the organic sector for more than 30 years. We understand that every choice we make on what we buy and eat has an impact on our own health, on soils, plants, animals, the environment, the climate. Each time we buy organic, seasonal, local or fair trade, we vote for instead of against our planet.

In our complex globalized world, public and private standards like organic or fair trade are crucial to provide orientation for farmers, processors and traders. At the same time, they are supposed to create trust among consumers who usually pay higher prices for products which are certified against those standards. Certification bodies worldwide are responsible to ensure that this trust is deserved. We've made it our mission to enable small and local certifiers to carry out this responsible task at the same level as big global players.

  • Because we believe in organic.

  • Because we believe in professional small structures.

  • Because we have 30 years of relevant experience.

  • Because we are the global sales partner of INTACT.



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