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23 Jan 2018

New Modules in Ecert Basic: Laboratory Samples, Automated Reminders, and Customer Portal

In addition to the basic functionalities, e.g. the inspection workflow (planning/ scheduling/ assigning), inspector tools to document inspection results (report), Customer Portal (sharing data with your customers), Ecert Basic provides additional features that increase a certifier’s efficiency even more. Learn more about some of them!

Laboratory and Samples. Manage your samples and analyses in a secure and easy way, without losing the overview of who has seen what and when! Ecert Basic offers a new tool called ‘Laboratory and Samples’. With this function CB`s can manage and register all samples taken during audits and inspections, and record the associated results of analyses. The tool allows to register laboratories and their analytical services and the active components to be analysed, as well as prices. Moreover, the analytical process can be easily monitored following each step, from sampling to final results.
Automated Reminders. Ecert Basic users can use the reminder functionality to send automated notifications of changes in the certification status and the required action resulting from it to the different parties involved in the certification process. In addition, a certification body can automatically send notifications to inspectors when a new inspection order is created in the system. The inspector receives a link to the inspector portal and the respective task(s) via e-mail. Similarly, the reminder function can be set up to provide an automated and immediate e-mail notification to clients about non-compliances immediately after or even during an inspection. The automated reminder functionality helps certification bodies to reduce the time needed for client and auditor e-mail alerts, and increases the reliability of correct and timely information to be share with parties.
Increased Transparency through the Online Customer Portal. Through the online customer portal, Ecert Basic users can offer their clients access to relevant documents and data stored in Ecert Basic. A certification body can share contact data, information about the last inspection, the certification status, actual fields and products or open non-compliances and corrective measures. Clients are highly appreciating this increased transparency, while certification bodies benefit from the reduced time needed for communicating with clients thanks to this more streamlined and automated option for information-sharing. A client’s favourite example is that certificates can be provided to its customers for download immediately after having been decided. The Online Customer Portal offers Ecert Basic users a unique opportunity to improve customer relations through providing timely access to relevant and reliable information.

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