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10 May 2019

New Release of Group Integrity and Ecert Basic

We are excited to start into 2019 with a new and improved version of our integrity management tools Ecert Basic and Group Integrity.


The functionalities that have always worked well remained the same, while other functionalities were enhanced, and new functionalities were added.

Web- and Onsite Portal for Inspectors and Certifiers

Even to our very critical eye, nothing needs to be changed to the well-established functionality of the web portal and the onsite portal for inspectors. This functionality makes sending papers and emails to the inspectors history and allows for an efficient organization of the certification process.

Inspectors can choose to use the Web Portal and complete their inspection orders through a browser. The inspector can accept the inspection order, complete the checklists, register the non-conformities, and then upload documents and even give a certification proposal for the fields and products. This information is automatically updated within the main system. The installation of software on the computer is not necessary.

Alternatively, the inspector can choose to work with the onsite application of Ecert or Group Integrity. With this functionality, the inspectors can complete the inspections offline with a Tablet or Laptop and upload the results to the system as soon as they have an internet connection again.

After the release, a web portal will be available for certifiers, too. Certifiers will be able to log into their portal through the browser from anywhere at any time and complete the certification process comfortably too.

A new functionality: Scheme Specific Data

The new release also brings an exciting new functionality, called Scheme Specific Data. The current versions of Ecert Basic and Group Integrity offer the possibility of entering relevant general data for most certifiers such as fields and crops, products, standards to be certified, inspections, non-conformities etc. With this new feature it will be possible to enter and manage other data points, as they are relevant for specific certification schemes. The data fields can be adjusted to the needs of the control body or group of producers and include text boxes, checkboxes dropdown menus and so on.  Certification related information – such as for example the number of hired workers on a farm – as well as impact related information – such as the number of children in secondary school attendance – can be recorded. This allows certification bodies as well as grower groups to use Ecert Basic and Group Integrity flexibly and for all of their data requirements.


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