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2 Jul

Who is who in the zoo? Register activities between your clients’ facilities and sub-contractors

How do you keep track of the post-harvesting activities that are carried out before your clients sell their products? Where do they sort, package, label and store their products? Do your clients have their own facilities for all of this, or do they work with subcontractors? With Ecert Basic, you can save, organise, and analyse all this information within a few clicks.

Free yourself from dealing with multiple excel spreadsheets listing hundreds of facilities, leaving you uncertain which operator they are linked to. Ecert Basic helps you to shed light on where the different production steps take place and how the different actors are related. The activity registry function is already pre-installed in the system, so take a moment, explore the options and take your next step to gaining a better overview about “who is who in the zoo”.

Once you have the data in the system, you can generate analysis-reports of all activities. Activity dates, contacts, addresses, certification status, and other dozens of information can be viewed in one place. This will also allow you a much more efficient planning of inspection visits, since you can bundle them for various clients that use the same sub-contractors.

Have we raised your interest? Please contact us, and we will gladly introduce you to this and other great functions of our software. And don’t forget that you can always ask for a worry-free trial period at your most convenient time.


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