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Our international strategy and business consultancy Organic Services draws on more than 30 years of experience in the (organic) food industry. With our newsletter, we regularly provide critical analyses of trends and developments in the organic sector and beyond. We give you insights into fais, conferences and congresses that we've been to around the globe, and update you on relevant projects and partnerships. Furthermore, you can find news on our integrity solution that aim at creating more sustainability and transparency along supply chains.

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Ecert Basic Insider August 2021

  • The future of organic audits and inspections
  • Do earth observation data have the potential to enhance organic certification and the integrity of supply chains?
  • Interview: Don’t wait for a disaster – go digital, now!
  • Ecert Basic in a nutshell
  • Check Organic for certifiers
  • New on Ecert Basic

Ecert Basic Insider Summer Edition 2020

  • BIOFACH review 2020
  • Fraud jumps to new heights amid Corona crisis
  • Who is who in the zoo? Register activities between your clients' facilities and sub-contractors
  • Will COVID 19 push digitalisation to the next level?
  • Intact mobile App
  • Ecert Basic: Organic Services conducts on-site training in Bangkok
  • EU farm to fork strategy
  • Face the Climate Emergency

Ecert Basic Insider February 2020

  • See you at BIOFACH?
  • The use of Ecert® and Ecert Basic is spreading
  • Database with advanced data export functions
  • New Websites
  • Deadline management
  • Ecert app is coming

Ecert Basic Insider July 2019

  • New @ Ecert Basic: BIOLATINA
  • Lessons learned from MAYACERT
  • Agroecology Conference in Kenya
  • Ecert Basic tips and tricks
  • It's time to say goodbye

Ecert Basic Insider May 2019

  • BIOFACH 2019
  • Latest version of Ecert Basic
  • Science Slam: fighting food fraud
  • Mayacert

Ecert Basic Insider January 2018

  • BIOFACH Conference 2018: Presentation "How to get and stay competitive, and serve your clients - local certifiers need to professionalize"
  • New module integrated in Ecert Basic: Laboratory and Samples, Automated Reminders, and Online Customer Portal
  • On-site Support

Ecert Basic Insider July 2017

Ecert Basic Insider June 2017 (in Spanish)

  • Nuevas funcionalidades de Ecert Basic
  • Sesiones de capacitación para CertAll (Certification Alliance) en Tutzing
  • Nuevos clientes de Ecert Basic: Biotropico y Mayacert
  • Ferias y conferencias

Ecert Basic Insider February 2017

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5 Jul 2017

A smaller selection of news translated to Spanish for you.

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Organic Services brings you an Integrity Insider packed with...

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