What is Ecert Basic?

Ecert Basic is the standard application of Ecert® for local and small certification bodies.

What are the key functionalities of Ecert Basic?

Ecert Basic is a ready to use software serves as a data base and as an inspection/ certification management tool at the same time. Furthermore, the tool allows you to effectively analyse your data and share it with your business partners, such as farmers or grower groups.

Which quality standards and processes can be "mapped"?

Ecert Basic is very flexible: nearly any standard can be defined and introduced through the system. For each standard, individual checklists can be used. For this purpose, you can wither work with preset documents or customize the checklists according to your needs.

Who offers the tool?

Organic Services is an international strategy and business consultancy for the food industry with particular focus on the organic sector. Drawing on more than 30 years of industry experience, we advise growers and grower groups, traders and certifiers as well as public and private organizations in creating more sustainability and transparency throughout the food supply chain. The software behind Organic Services’ tool Ecert Basic is licensed from Intact GmbH, Austria, the provider of the internationally leading audit and certification management software ECERT®.

What does it cost?

The usage of the tool comes with an annual license fee which depends on the number of required system accesses.


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