Which skills are required in order to successfully work with the tool?

Certification bodies interested in using Ecert Basic must have at least one employee that can be trained by us to use the software. This person must of course be able to communicate with us. We speak mainly German, English and Spanish, but can also advise you in French and Russian. Please contact us if you need support in other languages. Generally speaking, users with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will find Ecert Basic easy to use.

What support can I expect in order to implement Ecert Basic?

Before implementation, we will inform and advise you comprehensively. Together we will find out if Ecert Basic is the right tool for your specific requirements. During the implementation phase, we offer technical assistance like live trainings via skype, team-viewer, or – if possible – in person. Furthermore, we will provide you with written manuals and video tutorials.

What support can I get after implementing the tool?

All clients can contact us at any time via email, skype or over the phone.


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