Why Ecert Basic

Professional certification management for all

For nearly 15 years, Organic Services has been working with Intact GmbH, Austria – an Integrity Solutions’ provider, to introduce Ecert® the audit management software for standard setting, control and certification bodies, and accreditors.

We have been successful and are proud to say that Ecert® is the market leader in the organic sector, but Ecert® has also been introduced to organisations from other industries, e.g. fair trade, fish, mining, non-gmo, health, construction material, accreditation, etc.

In working with control bodies of all sizes, we recognized that it was necessary to develop an “entry-level” product that fits to the reduced complexity of smaller, local and emerging organisations and their budgets.

Over the last two years, we developed ‘Ecert Basic’ an easy to use, affordable solution focused on Ecert®’s core functionality, introduced and proven by our current clients. With a number of certifiers, we have been in contact for many years about introducing Ecert®, but were not able to offer a solution that fits the needs and budget of local and smaller certifiers. Now, we offer ‘Ecert Basic’ as the solution!

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