Ecert Basic Functionalities

  • Analyse and report: Make analyses and reports for statistics, lists and other necessary deliverables and communication with pre-set and editable tools
  • Document/ file upload: Upload documents (unlimited) to your operator's data
  • Automated notifications: Receive notifications and reminders
  • Data Exchange Portal: Share essential data with your clients on a regular basis and invite them to upload data
  • Process control: Manage your audit/ certification process from start to finish including contracts, inspections/ audits, certification (status per crop/ field and standard), non-conformities based on deadlines and issuance of certificates and transaction certificates
  • Auditor tools: Facilitate the work of inspectors/ auditors with the web portal and offline client
  • Electronic checklist(s): Use electronic checklist(s) templates to document findings during the inspection/ audit and integrate individual checklists to accomodate your specific services
  • Registry of data: Documentation of operator data, inspection and certification data, contracts and field and crop data - assign operators using pre-set system groups or your own custom groups
  • Export data: Find, export and print relevant data in xls, xml, csv or pdf formats and use the fully integrated Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word)

Professionalizing Compliance Management

Screenshot of multi-standard inspection checklist.

Ecert Basic allows for the management of the designed workflow of the certification process, from application to certification.