Ecert Basic Functionalities

  • Analyse and report: Make analyses and reports for statistics, lists and other necessary deliverables and communication with pre-set and editable tools
  • Document/ file upload: Upload documents (unlimited) to your operator's data
  • Automated notifications: Receive notifications and reminders
  • Data Exchange Portal: Share essential data with your clients on a regular basis and invite them to upload data
  • Process control: Manage your audit/ certification process from start to finish including contracts, inspections/ audits, certification (status per crop/ field and standard), non-conformities based on deadlines and issuance of certificates and transaction certificates
  • Auditor tools: Facilitate the work of inspectors/ auditors with the web portal and offline client
  • Electronic checklist(s): Use electronic checklist(s) templates to document findings during the inspection/ audit and integrate individual checklists to accomodate your specific services
  • Registry of data: Documentation of operator data, inspection and certification data, contracts and field and crop data - assign operators using pre-set system groups or your own custom groups
  • Export data: Find, export and print relevant data in xls, xml, csv or pdf formats and use the fully integrated Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word). Ecert Basic is fully integrated with Microsoft Office. If use of these functionalities is desired, the purchase of a Microsoft Office license is required. Alternatively LibreOffice is installed to open and edit files in office format (xls, doc etc.) without extra charge. 

Professionalizing Compliance Management

Screenshot of multi-standard inspection checklist.

Ecert Basic allows for the management of the designed workflow of the certification process, from application to certification.