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Roundtables Ecert Basic (EN)

Wednesday, 17th February, 5 pm
Thursday, 18th February, 9 am
Friday, 19th February, 4 pm

With international guest speakers from MAYACERT and ETKO

Ecert Basic

Professionalising Certification Bodies

Ecert Basic is an off-the-shelf version of the leading audit and certification management solution Ecert®, that gives you all its standard functionalities at a price that fits your budget. It supports small and local certification bodies who deal with the agricultural sector, certifying against standards such as organic, fair trade, and others.

The web-based tool Ecert Basic increases the likeliness of successful accreditation, streamlines administrative procedures and allows its users to save expenses and improve economics. Ecert Basic can be accessed online via any web browser or through our ‘Onsite’-tool.  

"The certification sector carries a promise that we all need to maintain. Ecert Basic helps us to do so." (Jessica Priego F. Manager Perú, BIOLATINA)


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