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13 Mar 2020

Ecert Basic: Organic Services conducts on-site training in Bangkok

At the beginning of this year, Certification Alliance introduced Ecert Basic as a central tool for administration, inspection and certification procedures. Now, our client managers Gemma Julià-Camprodon and Javier Montanez have visited the South-East Asian cooperation in Bangkok. The objective of the visit was to conduct on-site trainings and help our new partners to use Ecert Basic in the most efficient way.

Gemma and Javier are pleased with the result of the training: “It was a great opportunity to provide a deep insight into the different functions, possibilities, and benefits Ecert Basic has to offer. We had fruitful discussions and reached joined decisions on how to put the system to the best use. We also tested the newly developed harmonised electronic checklists and conducted an inspection simulation at a coconut operator close to Bangkok. For this purpose, we used both Ecert Web and Ecert Onsite. We would like to thank Mr. Kung Wai from OAM Malaysia for all his preparations and efforts to make this training possible. Everything was well organised, transfers went smoothly, and the positive group dynamics made the five days very enjoyable.” During the training, the participants also got the chance to learn how to improve data entry, create new contacts and groups, define inspection and certification workflows, issue and edit deviations and manage deadlines in the most efficient way.

The Certification Alliance was established in 2008 by several South-East Asian certification bodies who chose collaboration over competition and therefore joined forces. Its 12 members are located in different countries throughout the region. The certification bodies ACT from Thailand, OCCP from the Philippines, ICert from Indonesia, CorAA from Cambodia and SriCert from Sri Lanka have been the first to introduce Ecert Basic to share operators’ data, inspection and certification results, and procedures. The certifiers are operating under national organic standards as well as  under IFOAM – Organics International accreditation for cross border trade in the region and beyond.

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