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15 Jun 2021

New on Ecert Basic: self-assessment within the customer portal

As someone working for a certification body, one of your tasks might be entering data of operators into your system – and making sure that this data is always up to date. This can be a tiring job, involving many emails and phone calls forth and back with your operators to make sure that you really got it all right. But then – where again did you or your colleague save that one email that contained all the relevant information you need just now? Where is that memo gone where you made a note on the data that has changed for one of your operators? Ecert Basic is here to help – and we have a new feature to make your life easier.

So far, our customer portal – an additional module in Ecert Basic – already helps you validating data with your operators. Within a few clicks, they can log into the portal and check if their data, such as field size, products, etc. is correct. Apart from their respective certificates, they can check if they have any open deviations, and they can upload additional documents.

Our new functionality “self-assessment” now allows your operators to hand in most of their data directly via the customer portal. Once they have provided all their information – via a form and/ or a checklist that can be adjusted according to your requirements – you will receive a notification via the system. And vice versa: once you have checked their data entries, you can send a notification back. If any further actions are required, your operators can see this directly in the portal. In the meantime, you can focus on your validations, corrections, deviations, and inspections. All forms and checklists are automatically saved in the system, and you can easily check the status of a data entry or updates at any time.

The functionality is available for all our clients who use the customer portal module. Sounds like a great option for you, too? Get in touch with us for a free demonstration and start saving precious time and nerves, now!

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